The Hornepayne Wolf Rescue Project: Part 1


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    September 15 / 2006

   One day back  in September of 2006 while out looking for wildlife, I came across something I had never seen before. My initial reaction was what on earth is this? I had seen my share of exotic breeds of dogs at dog shows but nothing like this. This animal certainly didn't look like any wildlife native to our area. So what was it?




    This dog like creature was as inquisitive of my presence as I was of it. In a brief period of time I was able to take several photos before this creature retreated into the woods. Driving back to town I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed let alone comprehend what this animal might be.



    That afternoon I met up with a local OPP officer Morley Forster, and asked him if he or anyone had reported seeing some odd looking animal east of town? He wasn't aware of any such occurrence. While talking to him on the street, Ken Firman approached us and asked if I or anyone else had seen some odd looking animal east of town? I explained that we were just discussing this same subject and that I had photographed the animal but had not printed any pictures yet. Mr. Forster asked me to send him an e-mail with some photos and he would pass it on to the MNR to see if anyone there could identify this animal.



    The e-mails in question made the circuit rather quickly. Area MNR could not identify with any certainty, but an e-mail came back 2 days later from the Senior Scientist with the Manitoba Conservation Wildlife and Ecosystem Protection Branch with a positive identification. " Looks like wolf with sarcoptic mange " was the reply. " Never seen one with this much hair loss " was his next comment.



    Over the next few days my wife Daryl sent e-mails in an effort to find a solution to this problem. All she wanted to do was find some way to help these poor creatures before the onset of winter.  " They'll never survive the winter without a coat" was a common remark.



A friend and budding photographer Mike Telford accompanied me on several outings to the area in question in hopes of getting more photos.


     The wolf pups had been surviving on some bear carcasses that had been dumped in the area.
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Unless otherwise noted, all photos are Copyright Gene Belanger

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